Fantasy Football: 3 Biggest Potential Busts for 2018 season.

Redskins QB Alex Smith

 This may be an obvious one. But it sure seems likely that he will not perform as well as he did last season where he finished as the #3 fantasy QB. Alex Smith is no longer with the Chiefs and is now in Washington with the Redskins. The Redskins absolutely do not have the same weapons that were there in Kansas City like WR Tyreek hill, TE Travis Kelce and Smith also had RB Kareem hunt to balance out the offense who could become a great pass option. Now.. he has some, I would say decent weapons. His best weapon would be TE Jordan Reed but....thats if he can stay healthy. On top of having less talented weapons, Smith now plays in the NFC which is tougher than his former conference AFC.


Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt

Speaking of Chiefs players. Hunt is on this list going into next season for many reasons. Backup Spencer Ware will be returning next season. Even though he is a back up, He is good enough and will take carries away from Hunt. That's if HC Andy Reid doesn't take them away first. Owners of Hunt know this all to well. From about weeks 6-12 Hunt was literally useless, not as just a RB1 or a RB2. The amount of production he was getting was so atrocious that he wouldve been untouched on the waiver wire if weeks 1-5 never happened. During the span of Weeks 6-12, Hunt averaged less than 50 yards per game and scored 0 touchdowns. Now im not saying Hunt will be a wash next year. No no no. All im saying is, I wouldn't feel comfortable with him as my RB1.


Rams WR Brandin Cooks

Listen, Cooks has had 2 of the greatest Quarterbacks throw to him in his NFL career. So automatically when I heard he got traded to the Rams, I immediately thought it wasn't good for his fantasy value. If he stayed with the Patriots, I wouldve guessed that he finishes as a WR1. With the Rams maybe a WR2.. Maybe. Definite WR2 at best. Cooks has always played in a high volume passing attack system, that being with the Saints and with the Patriots. The Rams are not that type of team. In fact, in passing attempts last year, the Rams were 24th in passing attempts. While the previous teams Cooks played on, never fell out of the top 10.


April 19, 2018