NFL Coaches On the Hot Seat


  • HOT (Cleveland Browns) Hue Jackson - Coach Jackson is 1-27 as the head coach of the Browns. As we all know, the Browns have been a straight dumpster fire for years, especially at the QB position. So coach Jackson has an excuse. His saving grace is that this has been expected. Nevertheless we have seen coaches turn losing teams around after only 1 year like this years possible coach of the year Sean Mcvay of the LA Rams.


  • FIRE (Chicago Bears) John Fox - Fox is 12-32 as head coach of the Bears and they have gotten worse throughout the 3 years he has been there. Not to mention Fox now holds the honor of taking home the worst winning percentage as a head coach in bears franchise history. Coach Fox will be fired at the end of the year and may not get another head coaching job next year.


  • FIRE (Indianapolis Colts) Chuck Pagano - once again the Colts head coach Pagano may be back again next year with the excuse of Andrew Lucks's injury in his back pocket. But him coming back is doubtful. Few reasons... The new GM Chris Ballard may want to go out and find a coach he wants rather than keeping Pagono which Ballard inherited when he got the job. next reason is that player development has not been good and will finish the year with another losing record. The final reason is the rise of the AFC south. The Colts and Chuck Pagano have barely been able to compete within the division before but with Jacksonville, Houston and Tennessee all improving, the Colts will want to start over in a new direction next season.


  • HOT (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Dirk Koetter - 13-15 record in Tampa Bay. Tampa currently stands at 4-8 after week 13 of the 2017 NFL season which has definitely declined compared to last years playoff contending record of 9-7. So how much of this decline is on Coach Koetter? I would say a lot. The Buccaneers are down in almost every category compared to last year, especially on the defensive side of the ball. One of the main reasons he was promoted to Head coach was to improve QB Jameis Winson and turn him into an elite QB, although Winston is not close to elite. He has improved his QB play ever so slightly despite what other media outlets are saying. Winston has improved his QB rating by 6 compared to last year, (now at 90) and his completion percentage has slightly gone up to 61% compared to 58 % in 2016. This may not be a drastic rise in numbers, but may possibly be enough to Koetter is job after the season is over.


  • FIRE (Cincinnati Bengals) Marvin Lewis - 123-109 record in Cincinnati. I have been calling for this firing for years but it never seems to happen. Marvin Lewis will not be fired but with his contract up at the end of the year, it is almost certain he will gone. The Bengals have actually had a decent team the last few years but cant seem to make a run for or in the playoffs. Coach Lewis is 0-7 in the playoffs and will probably finish this season around .500 again. Okay some of the Bengals woes has come from poor play from the QB position, in fact QB Andy Dalton ranks 26th currently in the NFL in QBR. and the rest of the offense ranks dead last in yards per game. Marvin Lewis's long tenure as the Bengals head coach might be ending at the end of this season.


  • FIRE (Detroit Lions) Jim Caldwell - 33- 27 record in Detroit. Caldwell has taken the Lions to the playoffs twice in his 4 completed seasons with the team and is likely to miss the playoffs again this year with close to a .500 record. This unacceptable with a Good QB in Matthew Stafford. Whether you think Stafford is an elite QB is an argument for another time but no one can deny he is good enough to win some games and be a playoff caliber QB. After Caldwell's 11-5 record first year as HC, the Lions have gotten worse. With a QB in Stafford and a declining record means poor player development. Sure they have somewhat of a tough division where they play Aaron Rogers and the Packers twice a year as well as a great all around team in the Vikings. But when do the excuses end? after a big loss to the Ravens this past weekend, the end looms near for Caldwell.


  • FIRE (Denver Broncos) Vance Joseph - 3-9 record as HC of the Broncos. Joseph is not ready to be a head coach in this league. I was surprised of the hire to begin with after his only coaching job before was 1 year as the Defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins. The Broncos have lost 8 straight with crappy QB play and chaos all around.  With the talent on the Defensive side they should be playing better as well. The Broncos were division winners 5 of the last 7 years. Yeah some of the credit should go to Peyton Manning, but they still had plenty of talent all around and have kept most of their same key players. A decline like this shows that Vance Joseph is way over his head and got this opportunity to soon.  GM John Elway will not be afraid to fire Joseph if he feels Joseph isn't bring the team in the right direction.


  • Coaches who's seats will be warm heading into next season: Adam Gase (Miami Dolphins), Todd Bowles ( New York Jets), Jack del Rio (Oakland Raiders), Jay Gruden (Washington Redskins)
  • side note on Cowboys HC Jason Garret: a lot of media have circled HC Garret of being on the hot seat or close to it. On any other team I might agree. but lets be real. He has the best excuse not to be in the hot seat next year after losing key players for parts of the season. and the other reason he wont go into next year on hot seat is because owner Jerry Jones likes him as a coach. I think Garret is a mediocre coach and after many medicore seasons, Jones continued to show his trust in Garret. If Jason Garret remained HC before through all those mediocre seasons, what makes you think all of a sudden he is at risk now?



December 4, 2017


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