Odell Beckham Jr. to Replace Dez Bryant

Wouldn't that be a huge headliner for sports media. It makes sense. Lets look at it from both sides and you will see this prediction isn't as crazy as it seems. At the end of this season Odell will be a free agent. Odell Beckham Jr wants many things as a football player. Including money, to win, fame and exposure. Now the magnitude of how much he wants to win can be argued but nevertheless a lot of his frustrations are genuine. but all of his desires can be accomplished with joining the Cowboys. They by far have the exposure, they have plenty of talent to win some games and to be Superbowl contenders. But do they have the money? The answer to that is, not enough now but they are very close.

The release of former QB Tony Romo has helped tremendously in clearing cap space for the Cowboys. Not to mention the Cowboys have one of the youngest teams on the league, what does that mean? Rookie Contracts. 2 of the Cowboys biggest stars Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott are under rookie contracts which wont have to be touched for another 2-3 years. So the Cowboys wont have to worry about that. Its no secret that the Cowboys need to revamp their WR core. Current Cowboys WR Dez Bryant and TE Jason Witten have declined and wont be getting any younger. In fact Witten may retire at the end of the year which will clear some cap space as well. Also expect the Cowboys to make some moves away from current WR Terrance Williams who in my opinion has been the worst of all starting receivers for the last 2-3 years. The fact is, the Cowboys can and will have plenty of money to spend on Odell Beckham Jr. Lets be real, Dak Prescott needs him especially because without RB Ezekiel Elliot or when Elliot has a poor game, Dak cannot be a successful QB. Odell would fit in with Dak and this offense perfectly.