Jacksonville Jaguars Will Make AFC Championship

I feel very confident about this actually and you should to, but because they are the Jacksonville Jaguars with QB Blake Bortles, the idea may be scoffed at. Let me give you some reasons why. The Jaguars currently are at 8-4 and tied for first with the Titans in the AFC south division. In their final 4 games, they are favored in all of them, including a game this Sunday at home against the Seahawks and a week 17 match up against the Titans which probably will determine the AFC south champ. The Jags will finish 12-4 and may clinch home field advantage in the playoffs depending on how the current 10-2 Patriots and 10-2 Steelers finish their season. Now remember, the Jags have the tiebreaker with the Steelers if they end up with the same record because of their head to head matchup in which the Jags whipped Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh 30-9 earlier this season forcing QB Ben Roethlisberger to throw 5 interceptions. The Patriots are the only team I can surely say can beat the Jags in the playoffs. They can beat the Steelers again and be favored against any other potential teams they may face in the AFC playoffs. The Jaguars are currently ranked 1st in pass defense, 1st in overall defense, 1st in rushing and top 10 in total offensive yards this season. The only thing holding this team back from being legit superbowl contenders is below average QB play from Black Bortles who's QBR currently stands at 83 which is below 3 other quarterbacks who were benched this year, Eli Manning, Tyrod Taylor and Trevor Siemian.

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