NFL Week 14 Blazing 5 Picks

  • Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers (MINN -2.5)

Minnesota has not been the same team playing outdoors this season losing at an inconsistent Steelers on the road and barely winning against bad bears team in Chicago. Nevertheless the Vikings rank 2nd in total defense this season and are playing against an average panthers offense, which rank 25th in passing but has a good run game ranking 5th. But Car. QB Cam Newton shouldn't be a factor against the 2nd ranked rushing defense. The Vikings offense vs the Panthers Defense is pretty well matched but ill give the small edge to the Panthers defense playing at home.

As much as I want to pick Carolina at home here a week after Minnesota struggled offensively against Atlanta. Cam Newtons inability to throw accurately will be exposed drastically against the incredible defense of Minnesota and the Panthers will fail to score a touchdown. 

  • Prediction: Minnesota 16 - Carolina 9

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  • Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs (KC -4)

3 way tie for first the AFC West and this game is obviously important.  Despite last weeks lost to the Jets, The KC offense looks to be clicking again. Oakland will be coming into Kansas City 2-3 on the road and they have been mediocre on both sides of the ball all season. These teams faced earlier this season and Oakland got the upper hand winning by 1 at the last second in a game which had plenty of fireworks. This game will be close again due to the Chiefs terrible defense which ranks 30th, giving up 382 yards per game. This game depends on the Chiefs offense though which I believe can have another great game. I am going to give the edge to the Chiefs, because they have head coach advantage and are at home.

  • Prediction: Kansas City 30 - Oakland 28

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  • Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams (LAR -2)

These two teams have far exceeded expectations this year and after winning 9 straight, the Eagles lost on the Road to Seattle. The Eagles will once again be an underdog traveling to the west coast to face a good offensive team in the Rams in which ranks 4th in total offense. But the Eagles have the best rushing defense in the league and will hold RB Todd Gurley from the Rams in check. The same cant be same with the Eagles passing defense which ranks 16th and struggled against QB Russel Wilson last week in Seattle. The Rams passing game isn't spectacular but is pretty good ranking 7th. The Rams offense will be matched up pretty evenly against this Eagles defense.

As far as the Eagles offense, their passing game ranks 14th. If you want to argue for QB Wentz winning MVP with an average passing attack, be my guest. You would just be blowing hot air. His offense will be going against an above average Rams passing defense. So in the passing game, the Eagles and Rams will be matched evenly. Now out of all the matchups, the Eagles rushing attack will have the biggest advantage. Huge advantage actually. The Eagles are very good rushing the ball ranking 2nd while the Rams defense ranks 27th in stopping the run allowing over 120 rushing yards a game.

This game will be very close against two NFC titans. The Eagles will have trouble on the road traveling to the west coast and having what i call the "jet lag effect." The Rams on the other hand will have a much bigger problem stopping the run. In which case, I got Philly in this one.

  • Prediction: Philadelphia 19 - Los Angeles 17 

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  • Seattle Seahawks at Jacksonville Jaguars (Jax -2.5)

Seattle and QB Russel Wilson is coming off a huge win vs the Eagles last week. The defense is banged up and Russel Wilson continues to be a wizard and carry this team even with no running game. But eventually he is gonna run out of gas and run into a beast of a defense that is the Jacksonville Jaguars which ranks 1st overall. Like the Eagles going to LA, Seattle will have a "jet lag effect" going all the way to Jacksonville. This game is pretty easy to predict. Like I said, the Seahawks are banged up and will be without 2 key players in Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor. They have no running game and Russel Wilson will meet his match. If they force the Jags to throw the ball then they can keep it close but i got the Jags in this one.

  • Prediction: Jacksonville 17 - Seattle 13

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(Thursday) New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons (NO -1)

The Atlanta Falcons are at home with a game against the Saints which is effectively a must win for the Falcons in order to stay alive in the playoff hunt. The Saints open up as 1 point favorites and are one of the hottest teams in the league and rising in everyone's rankings as one of the favorites to take home the Superbowl. The Saints have an incredible offense ranking in the top 3 in rushing and passing in part due to rookie sensation Alvin Kamara who has over 1200 combined yards this year so far and scoring 9 touchdowns in the last 6 games. This high octane offense will be going against an average rushing defense which ranks 18th and a good passing defense which ranks 6th. I am predicting this defense exceeds expectations this game due to the importance of the game against a division rival but it may not be enough to match the Saints superior offense.
The Offense of the Falcons have played pretty good this year not great as they rank 11th in both categories of rushing and passing. The rushing defense of the Saints is just as bad as the Falcons and the Passing defense ranking 11th matches perfectly against the falcons passing game. I expect a hard fought game by the Falcons against a division rival but it wont be enough to stop the Saints dangerous running game.

Prediction: Saints 28 - Falcons 27