Who's To Blame For the Saints Loss To the Falcons?

Head Coach Sean Payton is to blame. In a predicted close game on Thursday Night Football, The Saintsstruggled to get much going on offense, especially in the second half. RB Alvin Kamara was injured with a concussion early 1st quarter which left Drew Brees to find other ways to create offense. Despite Kamara going out, the Saints still had Mark Ingram. But with Ingram being banged up, The game plan wasnt to rush alot with him. Ingram only had 12 rushing attempts all game for about 50 yards averaging 4.1 yards per rush. So some of the blame can go to Sean Payton for not giving the ball to Ingram more and continuing a good rushing attack which has been a huge factor for their success this year.

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Not only has it been a key to the Saints success, they went against a bad Falcons rushing defense. So you would think it would be obvious they relied heavily on the running game. But instead, for some reason the game plan was focused on passing in which the Falcons have been pretty good at this year. Heading into the 4th, the Saints had the lead and Forced Falcons QB Matt Ryan to throw 3 INT so far in the game. The Saints continued to throw the ball and had a chance to go up late in the game but Brees threw an INT. 

The reason the Saints lost was because of Sean Payton and the game plan. 

December 8, 2017