2018 Mock Draft 1.0

First round 2018 mock draft.

1. Browns - QB Sam Darnold (USC) 

Josh Allen is currently being hyped for the Browns to select him first, but Darnold is a better QB with better stats that played against better competition. 

2. Giants - QB Josh Rosen (UCLA)

Rosen is the best QB in the draft to me. He is ready to take a snap in the NFL right away. Its speculative whether the Giants will pick RB Saquon Barkley or trade down. In my opinion, they have to take a QB here. There is no telling when the Giants will have another opportunity like this to acquire a franchise QB of the future. Hell, current QB Eli Manning got benched last year and he isn't getting any younger. Drafting Rosen is a no brainer.

3. Jets - QB Josh Allen (Wyoming)

Jets are 100% taking a QB here. They will take Allen who has a huge arm and reminds me of Carson Wentz. Despite my doubts that he can be an accurate passer in the NFL, I believe the Jets will select Allen over QB Baker Mayfield because of the size and arm strength.

4. Browns - OL Quenton Nelson (Notre Dame)

With the departure of future hall of famer offensive lineman Joe Thomas, the Browns have a need for upgrades on the offensive line. There is no better option than the best lineman in the draft. The Browns could go with RB Barkley here as instead but with the signing of Carlos Hyde this offseason, the RB position is not a huge need. 

5. Bills (projected trade w/ Broncos) - QB Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma)

The Bills organization has been looking for a long time solution at QB for a while. They will trade up with the Broncos to get a QB.

6. Colts - RB Saquon Barkley (Penn St.) 

No way the Colts can pass up Barkley here. They need help in just about every position and especially on the offensive line. Now there isn't an offensive lineman worthy of the 6th pick other than Quenton Nelson but I have him being selected by the Browns with the 4th pick. Since there isn't another lineman worthy of this pick. The Colts will select the next best thing and a QB's best friend.. a Running back. A damn good one to.

7. Buccaneers - DL Bradley Chubb (NC St.)

Its weird to have Chubb falling this far in the draft. He could easily go as early as 4th. The Bucs already made a move for Jason Pierre-Paul this offseason in a trade with the Giants but with Chubb sitting there available. The Bucs will gladly take him and boast this defensive line who faces elite QB's in the NFC South division. 

8. Bears - CB Denzel Ward (Ohio St.)

The Bears will take the best player available here and in a position they need to upgrade on. In a division where the Bears go against Aaron Rogers, Matthew Stafford, and Kirk Cousins, CB is a definite must pick up.

9. 49ers - CB Minkah Fitzpatrick (Alabama)

49ers need to upgrade in their secondary. This team will drastically improve next year, especially on the offensive side with new QB Jimmy Garoppolo. They will be focused on the defense in their first pick. 

10. Raiders - S Derwin James (Florida St.)

The Raiders defense was one of the worst last year, especially against the pass. They will be taking the best player available here to help their pass defense.

11. Dolphins - LB Tremaine Edmunds (Virginia Tech)

Dolphins need help at every position. Since one of the top QB's didn't fall to them, they will take the best player available and boast their defense.

12. Broncos (projected trade w/ Bills) - LB Roquan Smith (Georgia)

Im sure the Broncos are fine staying pat with the 5th pick and pick Mayfield themselves. But they have more positions than just QB to fill. Atleast they have a QB in Case Keenum. The Broncos will take the multiple picks the Bills offer and with the 12th pick, they will select the best player available and get a QB with one of their later picks.

13. Redskins - DL Da'Ron Payne (Alabama)

The Redskins look promising on offense with the acquisition of Alex Smith. Look for the Redskins to focus on defense.

14. Packers - DL Vita Vea (Washington)

Packers need help in about every position other than QB. They will take the best player on the board here.

15. Cardinals - OL Orlando Brown (Oklahoma)

The Cardinals had one of the worst offensive lines last year. The Cards would like to move up and draft a QB for the future but aren't as desperate as other teams with the new signings of QB Sam Bradford and QB Mike Glennon. The Cardinals need upgrades in multiple positions but with the best player on the board being one of those needed positions, they will select OL Brown. 

16. Ravens - WR Calvin Ridley (Alabama)

The first WR taken will be Ridley from Alabama. The Ravens have had one of the worst receiving cores in the NFL for a couple years with an average offense. They will add a weapon for QB Joe Flacco.

17. Chargers - OL Will Hernandez (Texas-El Paso)

QB Philip Rivers needs more protection as he enters his last few seasons in the league. The Chargers have one of the worst offensive lines and drastically need help. The best OL in the draft availavle is Hernandez.

18. Seahawks - Edge Harold Landry (Boston College)

The Legion of boom is over in Seattle. The team will take a step back next year regardless of how well their offseason goes. There the best "rebuilding" team in this league. Its weird to admit that they are rebuilding but they basically are. They will replenish lost pieces on defense and select explosive edge rusher Landry. 

19. Cowboys - WR Deon Cain (Clemson)

Dez Bryant is gone and the Cowboys now have one of the worst receiving cores in the league. They will hope to land Alabama WR Ridley but I have him being picked by the Ravens a few picks before. They will get the best receiver available in Cain. They could be looking at Courtland Sutton from SMU as well.

20. Lions - RB Derrius Guice (LSU)

The Lions need more weapons for QB Matthew Stafford. The Lions havent had a good running back in that organization in a long time. They will take the 2nd best running back here. Fun fact: Guice averaged more yards at LSU than current JAX RB Fournette did at LSU.

21. Bengals - DT Taven Bryan (Florida)

The Bengals will draft the best available at the 21 spot. They need help in just about every position. I would not be surprised if they end up picking an offensive lineman.

22. Broncos (Acquired from Bills) - CB Josh Jackson (Iowa)

Jackson is one of the best corners in the draft. The Broncos will look to replace Aqib Talib and draft this corner from University of Iowa.

23. Patriots - LB Rashaan Evans (Alabama)

Its no secret the Patriots need to find a replacement at QB. They wont be taking one here. They desperately need help on defense. They were historically bad on defense last year. They will take Evans from Bama.

24. Panthers - WR Courtland Sutton (SMU)
QB Cam Newton needs some extra weapons, specifically on the outside. Their best receiver is their TE Greg Olsen, and he could be retiring soon. WR Sutton fits the mold perfect. He is a big dude with great hands. Cam needs a WR that size. 

25. Titans - DL Maurice Hurst (Michigan)

The Titans are on the come up and are in good position to win the AFC South. The Titans have already upgraded on a few positions this offseason signing a few free agents. They will pick Defensive lineman Hurst from Michigan.

26. Falcons - DL Rasheem Green (USC)

The Falcons needs help rushing the passer in a NFC Conference where Franchise QB's are everywhere. They will pick Green from USC.

27. Saints - QB Mason Rudolph (Oklahoma St.)

Drew Brees is on his final year or two in the NFL. The Saints need to focus on aquiring the next franchise QB. This Saints team is already built for the future with young talented players on offense and on defense. Brees will spend is final years as a mentor as he tries to make one last final run to the Superbowl

28. Steelers - S Justin Reid (Stanford)

The Steelers are set on offense. They could look at finding the next franchise QB but they will focus on their secondary on defense here. The best player available is Reid. 

29. Jaguars - TE Mike Gesicki (Penn St.)

The Jags now have one of the worst if not the worst receiving cores in the league. They failed to resign their 2 best receivers last year and they will be looking to add a weapon for Bortles. Look no further than Gesicki from Penn St.

30. Vikings - OL Isaiah Wynn (Georgia)

Vikings are set on almost every aspect of their team. Only unit that needs upgrading is the offensive line. They will select Wynn from Georgia who is used to going against top defenders in the SEC.

31. Patriots - CB Carlton Davis (Auburn)

The Patriots will look to upgrade their defense again here. They need to find a replacement at QB but there isn't any true value to draft one here. The best QB available is Lamar Jackson but I believe they will pass up on him because he isn't much as a pocket passer. 

32. Eagles - ILB Leighton Vander Esch (Boise St.)

The Eagles are one of the complete teams in the NFL. They are lacking at LB so they will select Vander Esch here with the last pick of the 1st rd.