The 3 teams to see the biggest decline in the 2018-19 season. (Pre Draft)

1. Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jags are fine on defense. We all know that. They could finish as one of the top defenses again. but offensively, its a different story. The Jags lost their 2 best receivers this off season and QB Blake Bortles isn't good enough to make the current receivers around him better. This will be a predictable run heavy team. Defenses will stack the box and prevent the run without having to worry about the pass. The Jags offense will get stagnant and will struggle to score. Another reason the Jags will decline next season is because of the division their in. The AFC South is no joke. What used to be a laughing stock of the league is now one of the most competitive and its anyone's division to win. Every team in the division got better this off season other than the Jags. The Texans, Titans and Colts. The Texans and Colts will be getting their QB's back from injury and the Titans acquired pieces on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. This is why I believe the Jags will see one of the biggest decline in the NFL compared to last season. 

2. Buffalo Bills - The Bills are a mess. No QB, average O-Line since Richie Incognito left. They have no recievers. and they continue to lose defenders to free agency. The Bills may finish as one of the worst teams next year. 

3. Kansas City Chiefs - A new era has begun for the Chiefs as QB Alex Smith is gone and its time for Patrick Mahomes to step up to the plate. He is promising as a QB but he hasn't stepped into a meaningful game yet. It is possible he thrives in his first year as a starter but not totally likely. He certainly has the weapons though. Other than the QB switch, the defense will take a step back. They finished as one of the worst defenses last year after starting the season off hot. This off season they lost arguably their best defender CB Marcus Peters. This isn't good because they are in a division with Philip Rivers who is with the Chargers and Derek Carr with the Raiders. Both the Chargers and Raiders are expected to improve compared to last year. Don't get me wrong, the Chiefs decline wont be as drastic as the Jags or Bills but it could happen with the QB switch and losses on defense.