Falcons VS Buccaneers Prediction

Oh Monday night football, all eyes on these two teams in a division rivalry. Who will win?

AtlantaFalcons vs Buccaneers (ATL -7)

The Bucs come into this game facing a dangerous Atlanta offense, both passing and running the ball. Even though their above average statistically, this Falcon team can light you up. The Bucs are in trouble, BIG trouble. the Bucs rank dead last in passing defense this season. So if you got Matt Ryan or Julio Jones on your fantasy team. Your in for a treat. 

So can the Tampa offense keep up? Can they atleast stay on the field long enough to get their defense rest? Probably not. The Bucs rank 28th in rushing this year and as you know, running the ball is the bigger time killer than passing. The Bucs passing game has been pretty good this year. statistically ranking 8th they have been better than the falcons. I'm not sure how but its true. Never-the-less, The Falcons pass defense rank 7th. 

So the Falcons outmatch the Bucs pretty well. I expect a breeze for Matt Ryan and this offense.

Prediction: Falcons 31 - Buccaneers 17

December 18, 2017