Panthers At Falcons Prediction

  • Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (ATL -3.5)

This game is important to both teams. The Panthers are already guaranteed in the playoffs but are fighting for home field advantage. The Falcons are fighting to just get in the playoff. So you could say the Falcons motivations are more enhanced than the Panthers. The Panthers are currently on a 3 game win streak, beating some good teams. The Falcons have lost 2 of the last 3 and their inconsistencies continue. The good thing for the Falcons is, this game will be played at home. I know the Falcons lost some very winnable games in Atlanta earlier this year, particularly against the Dolphins and Bills. So that does concern me. But on Carolina's side. Cam Newtons' inconsistencies concern me as well, especially throwing the ball. Cam's passing completion currently is just above 60% which is below Andy Dalton, Josh McCown and Jay Cutler. 

Both Teams come in with some inconsistencies but lets look at some stats and see how each team stacks up against each other. The Panthers Defense is the best part of the team ranking 7th overall and averaging 313 yards allowed against opposing offenses'. Without this great defense this Panthers team would be average to below average overall. Now lets compare this defense to the Falcons offense. The Falcons offense ranks 9th in both offensive categories (rushing, passing) this year. So comparing this offense to the Panthers defense, they are matched pretty evenly. 

Now lets compare the Falcons defense VS the Panthers offense. The Falcons Defense is just as good as their offense. Their defense ranks 10th overall allowing an average of 323 yards a game. The Panthers offense is ranked 17th. This is by far the Achilles hill of this team. Despite their rushing success which is ranked 4th. Their Passing attack is what hurts them the most ranking 27th. At home I expect the Falcons to win and secure a playoff spot

  • Prediction: Falcons 20 - Panthers 17