Lions VS Bengals Prediction

  • Detroit Lions at Cincinnati Bengals (Det -4)

Detroit Goes into Cincy fighting for a playoff berth. The Bengals have been eliminated from contention but will be looking to play spoiler. The lions have been inconsistent this year, importantly on offense. In this past offseason, Matthew Stafford was given a huge contract, with that contract came huge responsibilities. On Staffords end, he has done his part. He leads the passing attack of the Lions who currently rank 6th and will be going against the worst pass defense in the league. As far as the Bengals Passing offense, They rank 28th with a bad QB in Andy Dalton which has ranked 28th in QBR this year. But not to fear, the Lions passing defense wont be stopping much, also ranking 28th.

The Lions inconsistencies can be blamed on their running game which is terrible, ranking 31st in the league averaging 74.4 yards per game. Guess who is last in the running game? The Bengals. The Bengals average 74.0 yards per game in their running game. But the Benglas will have the slight edge running the ball because their promising rookie running back Joe Mixon will be returning after being out due to injury. But lets not jump to conclusions and look at how these bad running teams stack up against each others defenses. We already know the Bengals passing defense ranks dead last, so what about their rushing defense... also dead last allowing over 130 rushing yards per game. So looks like there's a chance for the Lions running attack. As far as the Lions rushing defense, They are average. They Ranking 16th allowing over 110 Rushing yards per game. So the Lions actually will have the edge in the running department.

This match up contains to terrible teams if you look at it as a whole, but good thing the Lions have a Good QB in Stafford who could be elite if he had more weapons. Stafford is the difference in this game, and there isn't any difference for this team on the road.

  • Prediction: Lions 24 - Bengals 17