Top 5 landing spots for Dez Bryant.

WR Dez Bryant was released today by the Cowboys, ending an era in Dallas. The question is, where will Bryant go now? These are the top 5 landing spots for Dez.

All these teams have the following in common:

  1. They need a reciever
  2. They can pay Dez

In no particular order.

  • Houston Texans - Dez could stay in Texas and the Texans would love to have Dez to play alongside DeAndre Hopkins to relieve some pressure off him. The Texans already added a big piece on the defensive side this off season. They could add another on their offensive side.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jaguars lost their top receivers to free agency this year and are getting desperate for pieces on the outside for Bortles to throw to. The Jags are a run heavy offense and signing a deep threat like Dez could balance out their offensive attack. 
  • Washington Redskins - Its rumored that Dez mentioned playing against Dallas twice a year after the news broke that he was being released. I believe he could have been talking about the Redskins. Although the Redskins aren't a favorite to make a run to the Superbowl or even the playoffs for that matter. The revenge factor is real. Dez tweeted out after the news broke and said "this is personal" The Redskins need a WR and could be a potential fit for the Redskins.
  • New England Patriots- The Pats need a receiver desperately after losing a few this off season to trades and free agency. Dez Bryant's personality doesn't really fit the Patriots way but neither did Randy Moss's. I'm not saying he is Moss. But Dez is on the back end of his career like Moss and Moss was still able to be successful with Tom Brady throwing to him.
  • Seattle Seahawks - Dez Bryant's personality wont be an issue in Seattle because we already know HC Pete Carroll is okay with bringing big personalities in the locker room. The Seahawks lost their red zone threat Jimmy Graham already this off season. Adding Dez could add another red zone threat back for Russell Wilson.