Bills at Jaguars Prediction (Wild Card)

  • Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars (JAX -9)



Bills fans are probably partying all week, the Bills have finally made the playoffs after a 17 year drought. But come game time, partying will end. Lets be real, the Bills have little to no chance. Especially if their best player and whole offense RB LeSean McCoy is out. With McCoy, the Bills rank 6th in rushing. But without him, it'll get pretty bad. The other part of the offense is the passing game. The Bills are terrible in passing. They rank 31st in passing offense this year, averaging just over 176 passing yards per game. You think the Bills offense will struggle? I havent even mentioned the Jaguars defense! The Jaguars defense rank 2nd in overall defense this year and 1st in passing defense! The Jags do struggle a little on rushing defense, but without McCoy for the Bills, The Jags Defense wont have any trouble.

Now we know the Bills Offense has no chance. Does their Defense give them a chance? Short answer: Nope. Their defense is just as bad as their offense. Passing defense, they rank 20th. Now the Jaguars arent the best passing ball but the Jaguars QB Blake Bortles is one of the hottest QB's coming into the playoffs. As far as the running game. Its going to be all Jaguars. The Jags rank 1st with their rookie running back. And the Bills rushing defense ranks 29th. Now the Jags rank 1st because they run A LOT! So as far as rushing effeciancy, the Jags rank 12 according to

The only thing the Bills can be happy about is making the playoffs, but they have no chance advancing. Its already a pretty big mismatch with RB McCoy but without him... its going to be ugly.

  • Prediction: Jaguars 30 - Bills 9