Vikings at Eagles NFC Championship Prediction

Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles (MINN -4.5)

The time is here. We are at the conference championships. In the NFC, the Vikings will be heading to Philadelphia to face the Eagles. The Vikings open up as 4.5 point favorites. If the Vikings win, they will head to the Superbowl which is going to be in Minnesota. Essentially a home game for the Vikings.

nick foles.jpg

This past weekend, the Eagles were 3 point underdogs against the Falcons and were able to pull out a win. Their defense stepped up and home field advantage was a factor. Their offense didn't play well though and only put up 15 points against an average Falcons Defense. I believe the Eagles defense will have another successful day against Vikings QB Case Keenum. But their offense will struggle much more mightily against the number 1 defense. If not number 1, then the 2nd best defense in the league. If the Eagles struggled against the Falcons. Then they definitely will against the Vikings. 

Although the Eagles are at home, I don't see it be as much of an advantage than it was against the Falcons. Yes, like the Falcons, the Vikings are a dome team. But they play in the north and play against teams in which can be colder than any other teams stadium. Nevertheless, Eagles fans will be loud and ready to cheer their team on.

This Vikings are not inconsistent like the Falcons, this team is for real. I picked the Vikings before the playoffs to win the Superbowl and i dont see the Eagles ruining that prediction. The Eagles have a great team. but with Nick Foles at QB instead of Carson Wentz, the offense definitely aren't as good enough as they need to be. 

Prediction: Vikings 17 - Eagles 13