NFC Playoff Prediction (Before Wild Card)

Before i pick the winners, I will show stats for all 6 teams in the NFC.

the NFC playoffs look like this

1) Philadelphia Eagles

2) Minnesota Vikings

3) LA Rams VS 6) Atlanta Falcons

4) New Orleans Saints VS 5) Carolina Panthers 


  • Wild Card:

3) Rams VS. 6) Falcons.     WINNER: Falcons

LA vs. ATL In-depth prediction here

4) Saints VS. 5) Panthers.    WINNER: Saints

NO vs. CAR In-depth prediction here

  • Divisional Games:

1) Eagles VS. 6) Falcons     WINNER: Falcons

2) Vikings VS. 4) Saints    WINNER: Vikings

  • Conference Championship

2) Vikings VS. 6) Falcons     WINNER: Vikings