Falcons VS Saints Prediction

  • Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints (NO -5.5)

A huge divisional match up will take place in New Orleans this week, both teams are still not guaranteed in the playoffs but a win here would put them strongly in front, not only to make playoffs but to win the Division.

Both teams posses a dynamic duo in the backfield. The Saints more notably with possible rookie of the year Alvin Kamara who is a Pro Bowler and Mark Ingram also a Pro Bowler. This Saints running attack on offense has been one of the best stories this season and for good reason. The Saints offense is ranked number 1 overall averaging just over 400 yards a game. and scoring over 28 points a game. This offense can light it up. The Falcons defense will have a tough game to play going into New Orleans. The Falcons defense had played pretty well this year, ranking 9th overall and possesses on of the best defenses this team has had in years. The Falcons defense may struggle a little bit on the road facing the #1 offense. 

Now for the Falcons offense they have played pretty well this year as well, ranking 9th in both rushing and passing this year. The biggest story on the Falcons offense is red zone troubles. They currently rank 19th in scoring touchdowns in the redzone, 55.5% overall, and 48% on the road. Biggest reason, Julio Jones. In 14 games this season. Julio has only 3 TD's, 2 of them in the same game against the worst passing defense in the league (Tampa). If Julio can become a factor in the redzone like we know he can, This offense could be one of the best in the league. 

If the Falcons want to win this game, they need to pass the ball successfully, the Saints rushing defense ranks 6th but their passing defense ranks 18th. Julio needs to return to the Julio we know and use his size and strength in the endzone. This Rivalry game will be close with a ton on the line. To me I think the Saints are still going to win at home, but I would bet Atlanta +5.5

Prediction: Saints 31 - Falcons 30