Packers VS Panthers Prediction

  • Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers (Car -3)

About an hour before i wrote this, news came out that Packers QB Aaron Rogers will be coming back and starting in this game. So expect the line to change these next few days. Rogers is one of those players that can really put a team over the edge and turn them into a great team. Dont get excited though yet Packers fans. They have a very tough match up heading into Carolina against a Panther team which surprised some people including myself beating the Vikings last week.

The key to the Panthers success this year is their running attack, Which ranks 5th this year. Their rushing success can be credited to QB Cam Newton and Running backs Jonathan Stewart and Christian Mccaffrey. Especially Stewart which really played his A game last week scoring 3 TDs and had over 100 rushing yards against a great Vikings Defense. If the Packers want a shot to win this game, they have to stop the run. Any team for that matter that faces this Panther team. If you play the Panthers, you need to put all eggs in the rushing defense basket. Load the box, force Cam to throw the ball. Why? Cause he is terrible at it. He has a 60% completion rating and a QB rating lower than Blake Bortles, Andy Dalton and Jacoby Brissett. Not to mention, overall the Panthers rank 28th in passing this year. I dont see Cam and the Panthers having to rely much on the pass though, going against a bad Green Bay defense

The question is, can Aaron Rogers be good enough to get his team the win. Lets get one thing clear. In his first game back, dont expect him to be the Aaron Rogers we all know and love. Sure he is good enough to possibly keep this thing competitive but he's probably not 100%. Rogers could be at risk at re breaking his collar bone. Just ask Tony Romo. Also this Packers team outside of Rogers is the worst in the division as a whole. Hell, they almost lost to the Cleveland Browns in overtime last week. They have a spotty running game in which it seems like they have a new starter at running back every few weeks. Not to mention, the Panthers are ranked 5th in Defense this year holding teams to an average of under 20 points. The Packers need this game. They need it. if they lose. They are done for the season and will have no shot of making the NFC playoffs. Although it would be a great story for Aaron Rogers to take them there but its not happening. Their chances end Sunday at Carolina. 

  • Prediction: Panthers 28 - Packers 17