Inexperience the Cause for Rams Loss

I told you the Falcons would win, I thought it would be closer but the Rams inexperience really showed. Not only from the players but from the coaches.

Coming into this game, only 3 players on the Rams roster had been to the playoffs. None of which are huge key players. The Kicker was out and they brought in a guy who was an intern at a firm before he got the call to try out for the team. This Falcons team had made the playoffs multiple times over the years, including a Superbowl run last season.



Other than the experience difference, there are couple of reasons why the Rams lost. 1. They didnt give RB Todd Gurley the ball enough. Gurley had 14 rushes for 101 yards. That average is for 7.2 yards a carry. That's a whole lot. That is highly successful running. Its not like the Saints rushing attack, where they were shut down and had to go to a passing attack to create offense. The Rams just didn't give Gurley the ball. He was one of the biggest reasons, if not the biggest reasons of why the Rams offense has been so successful this year. Why deter from what made you successful? If its not broke, don't fix it.

2nd reason is the Rams didn't have their pro bowl kicker. The fact that the Rams were missing their starting kicker is highly significant. In the regular season, the Rams basically needed to make it to the 50 and they would come away with points. They weren't able to do that this game. 

The Rams have a bright future ahead of them so not to worry.