Who's to Blame For Steelers Loss To Pats?

A lot of fans, including Steelers fans would blame the refs on one call if you asked them why they lost. But it was a multitude of things that caused the Steelers to lose. First off, you cant blame the refs for correctly enforcing a rule that resulted in a touchdown being reversed. You can hate the rule but not the refs. Just ask Dez Bryant and the Cowboys in which a similar call was made in the playoffs a couple years ago.

The Steelers lost because they couldnt put away the game after having an 8 point lead late 3rd quarter. If you cant put the game away, Tom Brady will punish you. Just ask the Atlanta Falcons. The Steelers could not come up with a crucial stop late and allowed 11 points scored in the final 4 minutes. The Steelers lost because QB Ben Roethlisberger decided to not spike the ball in the final seconds, instead he did a fake spike and threw an interception. If he would have just spiked it, the game was likely going into overtime. 

Some fans would say its because Steelers WR Antonio Brown got injured and left the game early. (It seems like a crucial player always gets injured against the Patriots). But the Steelers still had enough weapons to put the game away. 

As a result of the Steelers missing out on finishing out the game, the Patriots now hold the number 1 spot in the AFC and the teams in the Playoffs are likely going to go through Foxborough.  For the first part of the game, it looked like the Steelers were finally going to pull out a win against the Pats and take control of the AFC. But nope, Tom Brady does it again and leads a comeback to Win. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were unstoppable in the 4th quarter. and the Steelers failed to have an answer.