Titans at Chiefs Prediction (Wild Card)

  • Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs (KC -8)

These two teams are both inconsistent and when and if they are clicking, they are both pretty dangerous. If you look on the Chiefs side, they have experience, and they have a better HC. The Titans on the other hand are coming into the playoffs playing badly. The Titans are 1-3 in their last 4 games.


Before the year most people, including myself believed this was the year Titans QB Marcus Mariota makes his mark in this league. This has not happend. As far as passer rating, he has declined compared to his first 2 years. His completion rate is 62% which is about the same. The Titans passing game ranks 21st in the league. Another player on Offense, RB Demarco Murray was supposed to have a great year as well but that hasnt happened either, luckily the Titans have another great RB Derek Henry which has helped the Titans rush for about 115 yards per game, not great but average compared to the rest of the league. At home the Titans are much better. They pass for more yards, they run for more yards in which they average 1.2 yards per run more at home. But this game is on the road at Kansas City which is one of the most hostile/loudest places to play in the league.

Luckily for the Titans, the Chiefs struggle on defense. The Chiefs rank 28th in overall defense this year, allowing over 365 yards per game. If the Titans offense can be on their A game, they should have a shot to succeed. As far as the Chiefs offense, they rank 7th in passing and 9th in rushing. Pretty good numbers and if you took away their inconsistencies in the middle of the season, their numbers could be better. The Chiefs offense possess a veteran QB Alex Smith who is a highly accurate passer. Smiths completion percentage is 2nd only to Drew Brees this year. This doesn't make Smith an elite QB, but he is certainly having his best season in his career. With great offensive weapons on the outside, Smith has the weapons to be successful. The Chiefs also posses potential rookie of the year winner and the rushing title winner with 1327 rushing yards... RB Kareem Hunt. Like the Titans, if the Chiefs are on their A game, then they should be successful. I want to mention, the Chiefs A game is much better than the Titans.

Even though the Chiefs posses an elite RB, the Titans rushing defense is very good, ranking 4th, holding teams to just under 90 rushing yards per game.  But their passing defense is below average ranking 21st according to DVOA stats at footballoutsiders.com

The Titans and QB Mariota may have a bright future ahead of them but for now, They will be eliminated by the Chiefs.

  • Prediction: Chiefs 24 - Titans 16

January 5, 2018

Justin Cassanova