Jaguars at Titans Prediction

  • Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans (Tenn -2.5)

In their previous meeting between the two teams, The Titans crushed the Jags in Jacksonville 37-16

The Jaguars are already guaranteed into the playoffs and are the AFC south division champs. The Titans are going to need to win in order to get in the playoffs or if they lose, they would need the Chargers to lose as well to still get in. The Titans are at home after loosing last week to the Rams. If you read my last Titans Prediction which you can read here. You can see many stats showing the Titans are much better at home, in fact they are two different teams when comparing their play on the road and at home.

The Jags on the other hand are coming off a bad loss to the 49ers last week. but despite the loss QB Blake Bortles is playing as one of the best QB's in the league in the past month.

Short Prediction between these two, but my guess is the Titans will have the most motivation, they have the matchup advantage and they are at home.

  • Prediction: Titans 30 - Jaguars 20