Coaching to blame for Chiefs loss

Saturday evening, the Chiefs lost their wild card game to the Titans after the Chiefs were up 21-3 at half time. In the first half, it looked like they were going to run away with this game and easily make it into the next round. But the Chiefs laid a giant egg in the second half. Credit to the Titans but the Chiefs lost this game and had only themselves to blame.


After the game, the biggest thing I heard is, "QB Alex Smith needs to go." No, it is not his fault at all. Smith had a completion rating of over 72% with a passer rating over 114. Smith did his job. Especially in the first half. He didn't really play bad in the second half. The Chiefs had at least 3 dropped passes in the second half, including 1 crucial one in the last minute to regain the lead. But its his fault right? 

Its the Coaches fault, all of em. Head coach Andy Reid, the Offensive coordinator Matt Nagy and Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. I would love to know what specific adjustments they made at half time because they were flat out terrible. I want to direct these comments to the coaches: First, you are up 18 points in the second half and you give your running back Kareem Hunt 5 carries. Are you kidding me? He is the NFL's leading rusher for crying out loud! Then on defense, you let the Titans play to their strengths and let Derek Henry run the ball 114 yards in the second half. You only allowed 42 rushing yards in the first half! The Titans offense is a poor mans Carolina offense. Running back and quarterback rushing sets up their success. And the Chiefs let it happen. Titans QB Marcus Mariota had just over 60% completion percentage and he still beat you.

C'mon. Don't let the media scrutinize Alex Smith. Its all the coaches fault. Offensive Coordinator probably will be fired. The defensive coordinator, definitely needs to be fired. And Head Coach Andy Reid gets to stay another year, and if he doesn't win at least 1 playoff game next year, He should be fired. Its unacceptable. 

Congrats to the Titans. Good luck in New England.