Offensive Inconsistencies the Reason the Falcons lost

The Falcons Offense whiffed Saturday versus the Eagles. Once again this season, despite great offensive weapons, Matt Ryan and the offense played terrible. They lost 10-15 and scored 0 points in the second half. They sure do miss their old offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. The Falcons had just 281 yards all game and lost the time of possession battle. 



The great QB's find a way to elevate their skill and find ways to win the game. Atlanta's Matt Ryan is not great. He is good and solid. But in the second half, the moment got to him and he struggled. In the second half Matt Ryan completion percentage was 57 % and had just over a 20 Quarterback rating. Credit the Eagles Defense, the weather helped the Eagles in this game. The Falcons rushing attack was held to just 86 yards. 

As far as the defense for the Falcons, they played pretty well. They held the Eagles to just 15 points. They forced 4 fumbles (they got 2 of them). And they stopped Nick Foles pretty well and ended with a QBR of 47.1.

Another reason the Falcons lost is their discipline. They had penalties that equaled up to 73 total yards. 

Before the game, in my prediction. I told you the Falcons struggle against good defenses. But I believed their offensive talent were going to be able to pull through this one and be able to survive Nick Foles. I was wrong. To be honest, other than coaching, I'm not sure how their offense can get better. They have a good QB, great WR's, good RB's and good offensive line.