Who's to Blame For Steelers Loss to the Jags?

The Steelers Defense and HC Mike Tomlin is to blame. Yesterday the Jags came into Pittsburgh and won 45-42. The Jags were ranked 16th in offense heading into this game. And they only scored 13 points in their wildcard game. So how could the Steelers defense allow 45 points at home? That's crazy. They allowed 378 total yards all game. Against Blake Bortles and the average Jags offense, that is just unacceptable. The Steelers came in looking unprepared.

The Steelers offense did their job. Outside of 2 turnovers, the Steelers offense had 545 total yards and they won the time of possession. I mean the offense scored 42 points. That's hell of a lot in the NFL but the defense didn't do their job which caused the Steelers to lose. 

You could say some of the drama heading into the game had some affect as well. This team thought they were going to run through the Jaguars and were already talking about facing the Patriots. They got ahead of themselves. This is a coaching issue.

Congrats to the Jaguars and Blake Bortles. They deserved to win this game. and once again the Steelers will head into the off season with drama.